Enhancing Learning with Our Services

We provide personal counseling and connect students to resources, information and tools that will help them to plan for success.

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Comprehensive Student Services

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Academic Counselling

Counsellors provide individual and group support in the areas of course selection, pathway planning, post secondary applications, scholarships, and access to study supports and peer tutoring.

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Personal Counselling

Provides support and resiliency skills to manage stress, anxiety, relationships and personal decision making.  Students may also be connected to our Child and Youth Care staff, Social Worker, or Psychologists.

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Resources and Information

Designed to support and enhance the learning journey of our students, this invaluable platform provides easy access to a wide range of educational materials, helpful guides, research databases, and interactive tools.

Empowering Success and Well-Being

Academic & Personal Counselling

The average percentage of students who improved academic performance and gained clarity about their future goals after receiving counseling.

Access to Educational Materials

The average percentage of students demonstrate improved academic progress and increased confidence in their abilities.

Wide Range of Interactive Tools

More students show enhanced intellectual growth, increased engagement in school and community activities, and greater leadership capabilities.