Departments That Expand Horizons

We strive to prepare students not only with facts and concepts, but also, more importantly, to think critically and ethically.

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Become Responsible And Active Citizen

Canadian and World Studies

As our world rapidly changes, the skills and knowledge that students get from this department prepares them for any field that they may pursue, from the sciences to the humanities, or from commerce to public affairs.

Guidance and Career Education

All students are encouraged to explore and assess their own strengths, needs, and interests and to investigate a broad range of opportunities as they pursue their educational pathways and prepare for postsecondary destinations.

Religion and Family Studies

Experience God’s unending love. You will learn about yourself, make new friends, experience different cultures and be assured that God is with you.Also you will explore the different world religions.

Social Studies and Humanities

The Social Studies and Humanities Department provides opportunities for students to explore the many dimensions of a meaningful life, as individuals and as members of a broader society.

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Become a Technical Professional

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Computer Technology

The fundamental purpose of the computer studies program is to provide students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to achieve success in secondary school, the workplace and daily life.

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Students are immersed in discussion and investigation of issues and topics that are of current relevance to society on a local, national and global scale. Areas of focus include the environment, biotechnology, and health care.

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For those students who want to challenge themselves and be better prepared for the rigorous work in mathematics at the postsecondary level, we offer courses within the congregated advanced placement program.

Unlock Language Proficiency


Here at St. Ignatius College, we incorporate Canadian literary critic Northrop Frye’s belief that the underlying story of Western literature is a circular hero-quest that narrates the search for personal identity through four stories—romance, tragedy, irony and satire, and comedy.

English as a Second Language

The curriculum is designed to help students develop the skills they need to develop proficiency in everyday English, and most especially, the proficiency in academic English that will allow them to integrate successfully into the mainstream school program. ​

French as a Second Language

These programs provide students with challenging and varied opportunities to develop their French-language knowledge and skills. The content of each course is organized into four interrelated strands: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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Journey into the World of Art at St. Ignatius College School

The Arts Department offers a wide range of courses designed to promote creative exploration and personal growth within our students, and to encourage the sharing of those gifts with the community.

Our Drama students participate in Remembrance Day and Easter Celebrations, as well as One-Act performances.

Our Vocal and Instrumental Music students perform at school Masses, Christmas assemblies, Christmas sing-a-longs and concerts.

Our Visual and Media Arts students regularly showcase their work in our display cases, and participate in larger community events. This department has a particular emphasis on Native Studies.